Header for Tromsø
Trip Notes / 4th Feb 2014


I visit one of the world's most northern cities in a three-day speed holiday, and cross two things off my bucket list while I'm there.

Header for Router Wrangling
Article / 30th Dec 2013

Router Wrangling

With some spare time and spare parts, I totally overdo my house's network infrastructure.

Header for Working Together
Django Diaries / 11th Dec 2013

Working Together

Workflows, teams committing conflicting VCS branches, foreign keys being annoying and more feature in this week's Django Diaries.

Header for New Apps & Migrations
Django Diaries / 27th Nov 2013

New Apps & Migrations

This week, it's the exciting story of one man's battle against his idea of automatically writing settings files.

Header for Flat as a Pancake
Django Diaries / 23rd Oct 2013

Flat as a Pancake

A week on a remote island leads to a lot of squashed things. I'm not entirely sure if they're related.

Header for Down and Dirty
Django Diaries / 25th Sep 2013

Down and Dirty

Migrations grow two exciting new operations as well as a new command, squashing two of my oldest feature requests.

Header for A Plan Comes Together
Django Diaries / 23rd Aug 2013

A Plan Comes Together

Long, hard days of coding, shuffling and teasing Oracle finally come to a close - or do they?

Header for Routing and Prepping
Django Diaries / 9th Aug 2013

Routing and Prepping

Old South bugs and nemeses get eliminated, multi-database support might finally exist, and the merge is in sight.

Header for Madeira
Trip Notes / 9th Aug 2013


A sand-free, mountainous and very friendly jewel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Header for A Thousand Papercuts
Django Diaries / 25th Jul 2013

A Thousand Papercuts

It turns out that eradicating syncdb is not quite as easy as it should be...

Header for Tunnel Lights
Django Diaries / 20th Jun 2013

Tunnel Lights

I love it when a plan comes together. Especially when that plan involves so many tiny pieces of code.

Header for What an Operation
Django Diaries / 30th May 2013

What an Operation

This week sees django.db.migrations gain Operations, an Executor, and new command plans.

Header for South 0.8, Migrations and DjangoCon
Django Diaries / 22nd May 2013

South 0.8, Migrations and DjangoCon

A new release of an old friend, and more news on django.db.migrations.

Header for A Rhapsody In Warsaw
Article / 20th May 2013

A Rhapsody In Warsaw

A field, a tent, and a large amount of Polish food - the makings of a great conference.

Header for Starting Off
Django Diaries / 9th May 2013

Starting Off

Welcome to the first of my Django Diaries, where I'll be detailing the progress I'm making on my Schema Alteration project.

Header for A whole load of Kickstarting
Article / 11th Apr 2013

A whole load of Kickstarting

When I launched my Kickstarter campaign, I didn't quite expect this level of response...

Header for My First Kickstarter
Article / 22nd Mar 2013

My First Kickstarter

In days gone by, getting money from a group of random people over the internet was probably a crime. Now it's the next step in project funding.

Header for The Test
Pilot Diaries / 30th Dec 2012

The Test

Three aborted attempts and several weeks later, the flight test finally goes ahead. But what of the result?

Header for Ambitions
Pilot Diaries / 6th Dec 2012


Why, exactly, am I learning to fly? After all, it seems most of my time is spent flying in large circles above rural Essex...

Header for Brno
Trip Notes / 21st Nov 2012


In my second visit to the Czech Republic, I visit its second-largest city to speak at the RuPy conference.

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