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LastGraph at Oxford Geek Night Seven

Well, last night I gave a talk at one of the ever-brilliant Oxford Geek Nights, and in case you're baying for the slides I used (all seven of them), you can find them at this wonderful OGN7 LastGraph Slides link. If you live within punting distance of Oxford, you should really try to come to the next one on August 27th. If not; well, they put videos up on the site...

26th Jun 2008 in Articles

LastGraph. Now Available.

Yes, people of the internet, LastGraph has returned. After over two weeks of beta testing and bugfixing, it's finally in a useable state, and so I'm pushing it out to as I type this. If it doesn't work for you yet, wait for the DNS change to propagate.

15th Oct 2007 in Articles

Graphs, Python and CSS

After my first attempt at providing some way for people to style graphs in Graphication, which ended up being a rather ugly system with an odd set of nested dictionaries, a thought struck me; we already have a language for specifying presentation, and which has inheritance and other nifty time-saving shortcuts: CSS.

30th Aug 2007 in Articles

Instant Graphitication

The start of the LastGraph rewrite is well underway; the backend has been moved to Django (probably out of familiarity, since I've been using it quite a bit recently), and is already fetching week lists and track lists, much to my delight.

10th Aug 2007 in Articles