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LastGraph Expiries

Just a heads-up to any LastGraph users to let you know that, soon, I'll be implementing one-week graph storage expiry (but probably not for premium users). There's now 128GB of PDFs being stored on S3, and it's probably time I started not throwing money away.

1st Jan 2009 in Articles

LastGraph Fixed

LastGraph has been fixed, at least as far as I can tell; the team fixed the API bug pretty quickly on Monday, so thanks to them.

21st Jul 2008 in Articles

Yay, backwards compatability…

It seems that the launch of's new site has strangely broken the older API that LastGraph uses. I knew I was going to have to update to the new API, but I didn't think it would be this soon!

19th Jul 2008 in Articles

LastGraph at Oxford Geek Night Seven

Well, last night I gave a talk at one of the ever-brilliant Oxford Geek Nights, and in case you're baying for the slides I used (all seven of them), you can find them at this wonderful OGN7 LastGraph Slides link. If you live within punting distance of Oxford, you should really try to come to the next one on August 27th. If not; well, they put videos up on the site...

26th Jun 2008 in Articles

In The Pursuit Of Shiny Web Stats

Being a very visual person, I naturally wanted a nice way of visualising the traffic lastgraph gets (especially as I nurse it through the initial round of bugs, most of which have gone). The ever-wonderful gltail always helps, but the same author has gone one further and come up with gltrail:

28th May 2008 in Articles

LastGraph Server Bouncing

Yes, this is my new official term for the server going up and down. It seems that some part of the system causes 100% CPU usage on the box it's running on, and in fact is so nasty to the system that it even makes the serial console lag. This, for those who are not server geeks, is Bad.

26th May 2008 in Articles

LastGraph3 Beta!

After much work, lastgraph3's beta is now out. Please be warned that it may not work, may explode, and may abduct your cat, dog or goldfish in the process of failing.

24th May 2008 in Articles

LastGraph3: Not Dead

It really isn't, honest. I'm working on the final part - the graph scheduler, which replicates the previous queued graph functionality - and I'll hopefully be pushing it all live soon.

19th May 2008 in Articles

LastGraph has been given a kick….

LastGraph has been given a much needed refresh, including a tweak to the render nodes to stop them running out of file handles/memory/disk space, and the main site so it in fact remembers when it deletes XML caches to free up space rather than wandering around going "I'm sure I put that file somewhere...".

2nd Feb 2008 in Articles

LastGraph. Now Available.

Yes, people of the internet, LastGraph has returned. After over two weeks of beta testing and bugfixing, it's finally in a useable state, and so I'm pushing it out to as I type this. If it doesn't work for you yet, wait for the DNS change to propagate.

15th Oct 2007 in Articles

The Perils Of Success

LastGraph will be down for a few days while I sort out somewhere better for it to run. It's been using this servers' resources massively, and there's about 35GB of data now (over a gig of which is raw XML). The other sites on the server are suffering from the load, and we're down to Not Very Much diskspace.

20th Sep 2007 in Articles

LastGraph is feeling slightly overworked…

The download queue is back in the hundreds for the first time since the initial launch, and to make things worse the poor API server is being a bit unreliable again today.

17th Sep 2007 in Articles

Brighton Barcamp Slides

The slides from my talk at Barcamp Brighton 2007 are at; for some reason slide 4's PDF weighed in at 9MB, so I apologise for the large download size (I am suspicious that Inkscape rendered the raster image in that slide to a pdf pixel-by-pixel).

10th Sep 2007 in Articles

Instant Graphitication

The start of the LastGraph rewrite is well underway; the backend has been moved to Django (probably out of familiarity, since I've been using it quite a bit recently), and is already fetching week lists and track lists, much to my delight.

10th Aug 2007 in Articles


Well, it's been a few weeks since I released LastGraph upon the world, and around a week and a half since I posted it to the Stats group on in an attempt to get some users.

11th Jun 2007 in Articles

LastGraph version two is on the way…

Yes, upgrades are continuing, and somewhat sporadic thanks to exams and a visit back home, but going nonetheless. Colouring now actually works quite well, and more as it does in Lee Byron's original idea, and the backend system is getting upgrades to support custom colour schemes and proper distributed rendering where nodes can specialise in tasks (because PDF conversion is very specialised, for example).

2nd Jun 2007 in Articles

LastGraph Upgrades

I'll be upgrading the LastGraph renderer today, which will involve some render node downtime (I'll attempt to keep the main site up, however).

1st Jun 2007 in Articles

Now showing: lastgraph

After a day's work, I have an experimental web interface for lastgraph (my graph creator; see the previous post) up at

19th May 2007 in Articles

The Last Graph

<img id="image41" src="" alt="Ooooh, pretty." title="Ooooh, pretty." />

14th May 2007 in Articles