Title Published

Beyond Request-Response

Examining one of Django's key abstractions and how it could be updated for a more modern age.

17th Jun 2015 in Articles

The End of an Era

Django migrations have come a long way, but it stands on the shoulders of one project that has come just a little bit further.

1st Jul 2014 in Django Diaries

Working Together

Workflows, teams committing conflicting VCS branches, foreign keys being annoying and more feature in this week's Django Diaries.

11th Dec 2013 in Django Diaries

New Apps & Migrations

This week, it's the exciting story of one man's battle against his idea of automatically writing settings files.

27th Nov 2013 in Django Diaries

Flat as a Pancake

A week on a remote island leads to a lot of squashed things. I'm not entirely sure if they're related.

23rd Oct 2013 in Django Diaries

Down and Dirty

Migrations grow two exciting new operations as well as a new command, squashing two of my oldest feature requests.

25th Sep 2013 in Django Diaries

A Rhapsody In Warsaw

A field, a tent, and a large amount of Polish food - the makings of a great conference.

20th May 2013 in Articles

A whole load of Kickstarting

When I launched my Kickstarter campaign, I didn't quite expect this level of response...

11th Apr 2013 in Articles

My First Kickstarter

In days gone by, getting money from a group of random people over the internet was probably a crime. Now it's the next step in project funding.

22nd Mar 2013 in Articles

One Change Is Not Enough

Sometimes just doing one major infrastructure move at once isn't quite enough to whet my appetite.

13th Nov 2012 in Articles

South 0.7.6 released

As the post title implies, yet another version of the ever-popular migrations library is out.

2nd Aug 2012 in Articles

3D Station Maps

In keeping with the latest trend of making everything 3D, I've decided to do the same for maps of Underground stations.

26th Jun 2012 in Articles

Twin Tubes - version two

I've released an update to my detailed line-level map of the London Underground.

3rd May 2012 in Articles

A Series Of Twin Tubes

I'm finally publishing one of last year's projects - a new take on the famous London Underground map.

5th Mar 2012 in Articles

Introducing Mantrid

Mantrid is the first of hopefully many pieces of Epio's infrastructure that we're open-sourcing.

2nd Nov 2011 in Articles

DjangoCon Europe 2011 Slides

I gave a talk at the wonderful DjangoCon EU again this year, and the slides are now up.

9th Jun 2011 in Articles

New Ventures

For the past month and a bit, I've been working part-time on my new venture.

11th Jan 2011 in Articles

South 0.7.3 released

I've released South 0.7.3.

1st Dec 2010 in Articles

PyCon Ukraine Slides

Just a quick one: I've posted my slides from the talk I gave at PyCon Ukraine.

24th Oct 2010 in Articles

South 0.7.2

After a slightly too long hiatus, I've released the second bugfix release of the 0.7 series.

13th Aug 2010 in Articles

Trains, Tracks and Times

After Transport For London released their new live departures API, and after Matthew Somerville made a Thing with it, I felt I had to have a go.

22nd Jun 2010 in Articles

On Django And Migrations

For at least a year now, people have been suggesting to me that South should be in Django core.

2nd Jun 2010 in Articles

South 0.7.1

The first bugfix release of South is now out, and there's plenty of fixes.

21st May 2010 in Articles

South 0.7 Released

After months of hard work, refactoring, blood, sweat, tears, and improvement, South 0.7 is ready.

25th Mar 2010 in Articles

South 0.7 RC1

It's that time of the year again, when a new South release rears its well-refactored, database-independent head.

18th Mar 2010 in Articles

Django-powered Snow

During the planning of our Christmas card at work this year, a mad idea came up. Do we ignore mad ideas? No, we tackle them head-on.

17th Dec 2009 in Articles

South 0.6.2

In my neverending quest to save the time of those using RDBMSen, South 0.6.2 is released.

26th Oct 2009 in Articles

Announcing Heechee

In my opinion, there's just not enough Subversion servers on the internet.

10th Sep 2009 in Articles

South 0.6.1

South 0.6.1 is now available for public consumption; it fixes quite a few bugs.

5th Sep 2009 in Articles

South 0.6

It is with great pleasure (and a measurable sense of relief) that I announce the release of South 0.6, a new release bringing quite a few new features, although most of them aren't immediately obvious.

11th Aug 2009 in Articles