OpenTTD for Maemo

This is a port of OpenTTD ( to the Maemo platform, specifically Chinook (or Internet Tablet OS2008).


  1. Click here to install the application, or alternatively download the package file and install it using Application Manager.
  2. Copy an original installation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe to somewhere on the device, become root, and execute the command ‘openttd-ripper /path/to/transporttycoondeluxe’.
  3. Alternatively, copy all the .grf files from the original game and the file to /usr/share/games/openttd/data/


This port is based on the OpenTTD 0.6 beta source code; I edited the source to bind the fullscreen and zoom keys to the right hardware keys on the device. Everything else is the same as the normal version.

Known Issues

OpenTTD does not appear in the window list, so once you’ve switched away from it you cannot get back. I’m in the process of fixing this; in the meantime, if you do accidentally switch away then type this in the X Terminal to get rid of openttd:

killall openttd

Problems? Ideas?

If you find a bug, think something could be more maemo-ised reasonably easily, or have ideas for something else you really want porting, get in touch with me.