Article / 15th Oct 2007

LastGraph. Now Available.

Yes, people of the internet, LastGraph has returned. After over two weeks of beta testing and bugfixing, it's finally in a useable state, and so I'm pushing it out to as I type this. If it doesn't work for you yet, wait for the DNS change to propagate.

This version will, inevitably, contain bugs, so I would appreciate it if any bugs could be emailed to lastgraph at

There have been some improvements, such as much better error handling, reduced PDF sizes, faster rendering (and more render nodes), and detailed progress. There are still some missing features, though, notably the ability to set the plays threshold and to remove a graph from the queue (this will only be possible if you've provided an email address).

Plans for the future include custom colourschemes, more notification methods (jabber, and perhaps some kind of twitter reply thing). If you have more ideas, send them in to that address above (or poke me via one of the many methods found on the contact page).