Camper Van Cables
Van Build / 19th Mar 2022

Van Electrics

How do you bring power to a van without making anything melt or electrocuting yourself? Carefully, of course.

Van Bedframe
Van Build / 2nd Mar 2022

Sliding Camper Bed

It's time to build a bed - a sliding bed, to be precise. But why did I make it slide, and why build it out of aluminium?

Thinsulate Roll
Van Build / 22nd Feb 2022

Camper Van Insulation

The battle against heat and entropy is neverending, but it's time to at least try and stem the tide with some insulation.

Camper Van Roof
Van Build / 8th Feb 2022

Van Roof, Fans, and Solar Panels

It's time to cut holes in the van's roof, to install the solar panels, a fan, and the LTE antenna!

Camper Van floor layers
Van Build / 27th Jan 2022

Camper Van Flooring

What's in a floor? Well, it turns out, it's some combination of insulation, subfloor and finish layer. Let's look at the options, and how to install, all three.

Van In The Road
Van Build / 18th Jan 2022

Planning A Van

The first step in building a camper van is, well, choosing the van. But how are they different, and which should you pick?

Mini Hovercraft Build
Build Notes / 10th Apr 2021

Mini Hovercraft

I challenged myself to build a mini hovercraft in only a few days as part of a new video series!

VFR Map Closeup
Article / 10th Jul 2020

Aviation Weather Map

Sure, you could look outside for the current weather, but isn't it a lot more fun to build a live-updating map instead?

Weatherboard Top Without Cable
Article / 22nd Jun 2020

E-Paper Weather Display

What happens when you combine two-colour e-paper with bad Python? Weather! Well, weather displays.

Listkeeper run view
Article / 10th Jan 2020

The RFID Checklist

What do you do when you want to massively over-engineer a solution to forgetting your phone charger?

Canyonlands (with tree)
Trip Notes / 28th Oct 2019

The Long Drive

Over a thousand miles over some of the loneliest areas of the USA. What's not to love?

Lake Wakatipu
Trip Notes / 27th Mar 2019

Travel Equipment: 2019 Edition

Taking a look at some of the key travelling equipment I've grown to like in the last year of travel.

Breckenridge Resort View
Article / 20th Mar 2019

ASGI 3.0

Upgrading the ASGI spec to simplify it, while keeping backwards compatibility.

Heidelberg View
Article / 4th Jun 2018

A Django Async Roadmap

Taking a look at what it would take to make Django async-native, what it enables, and if we should even do it at all.

Warning Sign
Article / 19th Feb 2018

Python & Async Simplified

Event loops, coroutines and awaits, oh my!

Reflection in Arthur's Pass lake
Article / 2nd Feb 2018

Channels 2.0

Finally, the promised land is here and Channels 2.0 is released. But how much has changed? And why?

SF City Map (long side)
Article / 12th Nov 2017

The Sheets Of San Francisco

Finally, my 3D city maps return, and this time they're mapping the streets and hills of San Francisco.

Artillery gun outside Auckland War Memorial Museum
Article / 18th Oct 2017

Channels 2: October

What's happening in the world of Channels? How many times have I rewritten the API now?

Milford Sound Pier
Trip Notes / 5th Sep 2017

New Zealand

Adventures in the land of volcanoes, unique birds, fjords, and long white clouds.

Header for Towards Channels 2.0
Article / 11th Jul 2017

Towards Channels 2.0

Outlining my plan for iterating on Channels' design, and what the future might hold for both Django and Python in general.

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