Article / 24th May 2008

LastGraph3 Beta!

After much work, lastgraph3's beta is now out. Please be warned that it may not work, may explode, and may abduct your cat, dog or goldfish in the process of failing.

Apart from that, please feel free to give it a try at Report any and all problems back to me, either here, or at my email or something similar.

Oh, and it's also very slow at fetching until I re-negotiate fast fetching with, since I've moved IP.

Update: I've decided to make this one of those public, neverending betas, so LastGraph is now basically open for anyone and everyone to use. The last feature I added was LastGraph Premium, my new way of soliciting donations (this time, you can donate, and in return get a few extra features). I'm still not sure about it, but I've had some emails before from people who would have liked it, so we'll see how it turns out.