First Game

The trials, tribulations and dead ends of trying to write a game when you keep thinking too big.

Published 21st Jul 2015
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Trip Notes


In which I visit one of the Four Asian Tigers and see some ridiculous architecture.

Published 25th Jun 2015

Beyond Request-Response

Examining one of Django's key abstractions and how it could be updated for a more modern age.

Published 17th Jun 2015
Trip Notes

Travelling Notes

Notes from my 8 years of travelling, and a few jokes at the expense of Americans. What could be a better read?

Published 15th Dec 2014
Trip Notes


Four weeks, three states, and numerous different towns and cities - there's a lot to do in Australia.

Published 19th Oct 2014
Pilot Diaries

Flying in the US

In which Andrew reads the AIM, FARs, LASORS, talks to the FAA, CAA, visits a FSDO, and generally encounters a lot of acronyms.

Published 15th Aug 2014
Django Diaries

The End of an Era

Django migrations have come a long way, but it stands on the shoulders of one project that has come just a little bit further.

Published 1st Jul 2014