Trip Notes

Fairbanks, Alaska

Long sunsets, 100 degree temperature differences, and frozen rivers in the Last Frontier.

Published 6th Dec 2016
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Trip Notes

Gem Peak Lookout

A trip to a remote fire lookout tower somewhere in the mountains of Montana.

Published 25th Sep 2016
Django Diaries

The Philosophy of Channels

Why is Channels designed like it is, and what does it really mean for Django, Python, and WebSocket handling?

Published 16th Jun 2016

Hello, This Is London Rising

The story of 3D printing a map of London, so I can stand over it and cackle like a madman.

Published 16th May 2016
Django Diaries

Laying the Channels Groundwork

Progress on Django Channels, and working out how the different parts will talk to each other.

Published 3rd Jan 2016

First Game

The trials, tribulations and dead ends of trying to write a game when you keep thinking too big.

Published 21st Jul 2015
Trip Notes


In which I visit one of the Four Asian Tigers and see some ridiculous architecture.

Published 25th Jun 2015