Places To See

This is the list of places, buildings things I've always wanted to see - some I've managed to, some I'm still planning, and some are still a long way off. I also keep track of US states and National Parks.


Active Mine

One with a very long ride down in a lift.

Aircraft Carrier

Active would be great, but just an old one is fine.

Visited USS Hornet, June 2014

Airplane Factory

Airliners, fighter jets, or perhaps tiny planes.

Anechoic Chamber

Not big, but still quite impressive.

Deep Space Observatory

You know, the really high up ones. Full of science.

Fission Reactor

Preferably without too much radiation exposure

Fusion Reactor

Big, round and very, very hot.

Visited JET, May 2010

Huge Dam

We're talking giant here. Preferably with an inside.

Visited Hoover Dam, August 2015

Oil Rig

Troll A would be amazing, as it has hollow legs.

Particle Accelerator

Big, round, and very, very cold.

Visited Diamond Light Source, March 2012

Rocket Launch

Something reasonably large. Moon launch best.

Visited KSC, FL, March 2015

Tallest Building in the World

Waiting until this is no longer in Dubai.

Top of a Wind Turbine

I've stood underneath, but not up top.



I'd include the other continents, but they're too easy.

Deep Cave

Something that needs proper equipment to reach


Sand dunes! Dune buggies!


They give a continent a baroque feel.

Visited Tromsø, January 2014

Gates of Hell

A continuously-burning hole in the desert

Giant Waterfall

Victoria Falls, then perhaps Angel Falls


A nice big one, full of ice.

Hot Spring

Of the volcanic kind, naturally

Visited Takaragawa, Japan, April 2016

Mount Erebus

Specifically, the ice caves.

Northern Lights

I know, not a place, but still amazing.

Visited Tromsø, January 2014

North/South Pole

One is fine, two is amazing.

Ocean Trench

A long trip in a tiny submersible...


And not just the little bit in the Eden Project

Relampago del Catatumbo

The world's most constant lightning storm


Why not? It's not that far away...


The world's Arctic forest

Tiny Ocean Atoll

Where there's no other land in sight


We're talking full-on lava lake here.


An abandoned town

Even better: Centralia, Pensylvania


Vibrant, modern, and full of history.

Visited May 2010


One of humanity's greatest scars on Earth


Sad, but a crucial lesson in our history.

Hong Kong

Big, bustling and unique (plus a crazy airport)


Architecture, space and deep metro stations.

New York

The Big Apple. Complete with 24 hour food.

Visited November 2014


The city of love, and good cheese.

Visited March 2010

San Francisco

Iconic, progressive, and far too warm.

Visited September 2008


Containing the world's most northern city.


Home of the world's prettiest concrete building.

Visited September 2014


Modern, busy and delightfully Japanese.

Visited June 2015

Washington D.C.

Home to law, power, and museums.

Visited September 2012


The world's coldest city