My first attempt at game programming; if they could make Rollcage work on the PS1, it would be easier on a desktop. Right?

Aevolution was my first real attempt at game programming. The project as it stands is pretty much dead until a somewhat decent physics/collision library (i.e. Bullet) gets Python bindings; until then, the idea is slightly too ambitious for the current codebase and a programmer who only really knows about the basics of games physics theory, rather than the actual implentation. (This never really stopped me before, but interest is really needed to convince me).

I did used to have an installer built for Aevolution, but it seems the ravages of time have taken their toll and lost it. Still, I have all the code, and that's more important; until I can be bothered to rebuild the installer on my windows partition, have a screenshot! Gratuitous bloom effects come free.

Aevolution screenshot

First released



No longer developed