A Python-based graphing library, powering LastGraph, The Carbon Account, and a few other things.

Warning: Graphication's documentation doesn't exist, and this project is basically unmaintained. If you need help, email me, but I can't guarantee a fast response!

Graphication is a Python library for, essentially, making pretty graphs. They’re not pixel-perfectly mathematically accurate, they don’t necessarily suit all applications, and can only plot discrete data (no functions for you!).

However, if you want nice ways to present data to your users, you’re in the right place.

Where it’s used

Graphication has mostly evolved over time to fit the needs of the two main projects it is used in, LastGraph and The Carbon Account.

Being more of an evolved library, it’s a bit convoluted in places, but it does work.


I’m a fond believer in code examples to give people an idea of how a library works:

from graphication import *
from graphication.wavegraph import WaveGraph
# Create the data set - we'll have one series
series_set = SeriesSet()
series = Series("Something", {0:0.5, 1:1.0, 3:0.2}, "#369")
# Create a WaveGraph using a simple scale from 0-3.
scale = SimpleScale(0, 3)
wg = WaveGraph(series_set, scale)
# We create an output and add the wavegraph to it
output = FileOutput()
output.add_item(wg, x=0, y=0, width=400, height=150)
# Save to an image
output.write("png", "test.png")

OK, so not a great deal, but it can do more. Honest.

Getting it

There is a subversion repository available at


I will, at some point, write API documentation. Until then, there’s a few examples in the graphication/examples/ directory.


Graphication is released under the GPL (GNU General Public License), version 3. I'm happy to release it under others if you have a convincing proposal.

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