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Pilot Diaries / 15th Aug 2014

Flying in the US

In which Andrew reads the AIM, FARs, LASORS, talks to the FAA, CAA, visits a FSDO, and generally encounters a lot of acronyms.

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Pilot Diaries / 30th Dec 2012

The Test

Three aborted attempts and several weeks later, the flight test finally goes ahead. But what of the result?

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Pilot Diaries / 6th Dec 2012


Why, exactly, am I learning to fly? After all, it seems most of my time is spent flying in large circles above rural Essex...

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Pilot Diaries / 4th Oct 2012

Qualifying Cross-Country

In this first post about my flying, I recap what I've done so far and then take a look at my recently-completed qualifying cross-country flight.