Van Build

Camper Van Cables
Van Build / 19th Mar 2022

Van Electrics

How do you bring power to a van without making anything melt or electrocuting yourself? Carefully, of course.

Van Bedframe
Van Build / 2nd Mar 2022

Sliding Camper Bed

It's time to build a bed - a sliding bed, to be precise. But why did I make it slide, and why build it out of aluminium?

Thinsulate Roll
Van Build / 22nd Feb 2022

Camper Van Insulation

The battle against heat and entropy is neverending, but it's time to at least try and stem the tide with some insulation.

Camper Van Roof
Van Build / 8th Feb 2022

Van Roof, Fans, and Solar Panels

It's time to cut holes in the van's roof, to install the solar panels, a fan, and the LTE antenna!

Camper Van floor layers
Van Build / 27th Jan 2022

Camper Van Flooring

What's in a floor? Well, it turns out, it's some combination of insulation, subfloor and finish layer. Let's look at the options, and how to install, all three.

Van In The Road
Van Build / 18th Jan 2022

Planning A Van

The first step in building a camper van is, well, choosing the van. But how are they different, and which should you pick?