Header for Taiwan
Trip Notes / 3rd Jul 2017


An adventure of food, cities, industry, and astonishing natural landscapes.

Header for Developing on Windows
Article / 19th Jun 2017

Developing on Windows

I've been developing on Windows as my primary platform for about the last year and a half - here's how.

Header for Expanding Into Video
Article / 27th Apr 2017

Expanding Into Video

What better thing is there to do in your free time than to surround yourself with tripods, and try and record something?

Header for On "Politics" and Software
Article / 25th Jan 2017

On "Politics" and Software

On open source software maintenance, politics, and the degrading state of the world.

Header for Fairbanks, Alaska
Trip Notes / 6th Dec 2016

Fairbanks, Alaska

Long sunsets, 100 degree temperature differences, and frozen rivers in the Last Frontier.

Header for Gem Peak Lookout
Trip Notes / 25th Sep 2016

Gem Peak Lookout

A trip to a remote fire lookout tower somewhere in the mountains of Montana.

Header for The Philosophy of Channels
Django Diaries / 16th Jun 2016

The Philosophy of Channels

Why is Channels designed like it is, and what does it really mean for Django, Python, and WebSocket handling?

Header for Hello, This Is London Rising
Article / 16th May 2016

Hello, This Is London Rising

The story of 3D printing a map of London, so I can stand over it and cackle like a madman.

Header for Laying the Channels Groundwork
Django Diaries / 3rd Jan 2016

Laying the Channels Groundwork

Progress on Django Channels, and working out how the different parts will talk to each other.

Header for First Game
Article / 21st Jul 2015

First Game

The trials, tribulations and dead ends of trying to write a game when you keep thinking too big.

Header for Singapore
Trip Notes / 25th Jun 2015


In which I visit one of the Four Asian Tigers and see some ridiculous architecture.

Header for Beyond Request-Response
Article / 17th Jun 2015

Beyond Request-Response

Examining one of Django's key abstractions and how it could be updated for a more modern age.

Header for Travelling Notes
Trip Notes / 15th Dec 2014

Travelling Notes

Notes from my 8 years of travelling, and a few jokes at the expense of Americans. What could be a better read?

Header for Australia
Trip Notes / 19th Oct 2014


Four weeks, three states, and numerous different towns and cities - there's a lot to do in Australia.

Header for Flying in the US
Pilot Diaries / 15th Aug 2014

Flying in the US

In which Andrew reads the AIM, FARs, LASORS, talks to the FAA, CAA, visits a FSDO, and generally encounters a lot of acronyms.

Header for The End of an Era
Django Diaries / 1st Jul 2014

The End of an Era

Django migrations have come a long way, but it stands on the shoulders of one project that has come just a little bit further.

Header for Tromsø
Trip Notes / 4th Feb 2014


I visit one of the world's most northern cities in a three-day speed holiday, and cross two things off my bucket list while I'm there.

Header for Router Wrangling
Article / 30th Dec 2013

Router Wrangling

With some spare time and spare parts, I totally overdo my house's network infrastructure.

Header for Working Together
Django Diaries / 11th Dec 2013

Working Together

Workflows, teams committing conflicting VCS branches, foreign keys being annoying and more feature in this week's Django Diaries.

Header for New Apps & Migrations
Django Diaries / 27th Nov 2013

New Apps & Migrations

This week, it's the exciting story of one man's battle against his idea of automatically writing settings files.

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