Trip Notes

Canyonlands (with tree)
Trip Notes / 28th Oct 2019

The Long Drive

Over a thousand miles over some of the loneliest areas of the USA. What's not to love?

Lake Wakatipu
Trip Notes / 27th Mar 2019

Travel Equipment: 2019 Edition

Taking a look at some of the key travelling equipment I've grown to like in the last year of travel.

Milford Sound Pier
Trip Notes / 5th Sep 2017

New Zealand

Adventures in the land of volcanoes, unique birds, fjords, and long white clouds.

Header for Taiwan
Trip Notes / 3rd Jul 2017


An adventure of food, cities, industry, and astonishing natural landscapes.

Header for Fairbanks, Alaska
Trip Notes / 6th Dec 2016

Fairbanks, Alaska

Long sunsets, 100 degree temperature differences, and frozen rivers in the Last Frontier.

Header for Gem Peak Lookout
Trip Notes / 25th Sep 2016

Gem Peak Lookout

A trip to a remote fire lookout tower somewhere in the mountains of Montana.

Header for Singapore
Trip Notes / 25th Jun 2015


In which I visit one of the Four Asian Tigers and see some ridiculous architecture.

Header for Travelling Notes
Trip Notes / 15th Dec 2014

Travelling Notes

Notes from my 8 years of travelling, and a few jokes at the expense of Americans. What could be a better read?

Header for Australia
Trip Notes / 19th Oct 2014


Four weeks, three states, and numerous different towns and cities - there's a lot to do in Australia.

Header for Tromsø
Trip Notes / 4th Feb 2014


I visit one of the world's most northern cities in a three-day speed holiday, and cross two things off my bucket list while I'm there.

Header for Madeira
Trip Notes / 9th Aug 2013


A sand-free, mountainous and very friendly jewel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Header for Brno
Trip Notes / 21st Nov 2012


In my second visit to the Czech Republic, I visit its second-largest city to speak at the RuPy conference.

Header for Kiev
Trip Notes / 24th Oct 2012


I've been to Kiev three times in as many years, and so I felt I should combine all three into one Trip Notes.

Header for Germany 2012
Trip Notes / 20th Oct 2012

Germany 2012

My previous trip had been short and Berlin-specific. This time, the destinations were many, the organisation complex, and the outcome was even more fun.

Header for Washington D.C.
Trip Notes / 1st Oct 2012

Washington D.C.

My second trip to the East Coast - spurred on by this year's DjangoCon US - involved a rather more interesting city than the first.