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Fairbanks, Alaska

Long sunsets, 100 degree temperature differences, and frozen rivers in the Last Frontier.

6th Dec 2016 in Trip Notes

Gem Peak Lookout

A trip to a remote fire lookout tower somewhere in the mountains of Montana.

25th Sep 2016 in Trip Notes


In which I visit one of the Four Asian Tigers and see some ridiculous architecture.

25th Jun 2015 in Trip Notes

Travelling Notes

Notes from my 8 years of travelling, and a few jokes at the expense of Americans. What could be a better read?

15th Dec 2014 in Trip Notes


Four weeks, three states, and numerous different towns and cities - there's a lot to do in Australia.

19th Oct 2014 in Trip Notes


I visit one of the world's most northern cities in a three-day speed holiday, and cross two things off my bucket list while I'm there.

4th Feb 2014 in Trip Notes


A sand-free, mountainous and very friendly jewel in the Atlantic Ocean.

9th Aug 2013 in Trip Notes


In my second visit to the Czech Republic, I visit its second-largest city to speak at the RuPy conference.

21st Nov 2012 in Trip Notes


I've been to Kiev three times in as many years, and so I felt I should combine all three into one Trip Notes.

24th Oct 2012 in Trip Notes

Germany 2012

My previous trip had been short and Berlin-specific. This time, the destinations were many, the organisation complex, and the outcome was even more fun.

20th Oct 2012 in Trip Notes

Washington D.C.

My second trip to the East Coast - spurred on by this year's DjangoCon US - involved a rather more interesting city than the first.

1st Oct 2012 in Trip Notes